With 2 in 5 businesses decreasing the number of sites they operate across, or letting staff go just to manage supplier cost fluctuations, isn’t it time you spoke to Forum? 

Tired of drowning in a sea of paper?
We’ll show you how to print more efficiently and streamline your business processes.

IT not your core business? Well it’s ours.
A strong technology partner can help to alleviate your IT burdens, enabling you to put focus back into your core business.

Wanting to improve your fleet’s efficiency?
Discover how you could increase your fleet’s productivity by 2 additional jobs each day with a telematics solution from Forum Fleet.

Reducing your environmental impact shouldn’t cost the earth.
We offer a range of products designed to minimise environmental impact and provide new and innovative ways to deliver substantial savings for businesses.


"New business and administration efficiencies have been developed as a product of Forum’s fleet solutions which means we’re able to put more energy into growing the business, and as a result we’re taking on bigger projects and contracts than previously."

− Garry Tokins, Director, Just Power
About Forum

Forum is a dynamic managed-services company delivering a range of innovative technology solutions, all designed to enhance business efficiency, productivity and impact. We enable businesses to access the latest technology, without the need for capital outlay and in many cases being cost neutral or better still, cost positive to the client.

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