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Responding to business challenges

In a research report commissioned by Forum that examined and quantified how the operational expenditure of SMBs and mid-market companies impacts business growth and productivity, it was revealed that two in five SMEs have decreased the number of sites they operate across, or let staff go, just to manage supplier cost fluctuation.

We know that the cost of doing business is increasing, and the strain this is putting on business, particularly SMEs, is leading companies to look for new ways to make the most of their operating expenditure to better manage inefficiencies. And we understand that trying to manage supplier costs can often stifle business growth and distract business owners and managers from their core business.

The survey of 453 businesses also found that 66 percent of respondents have seen employee head count restricted or profit margins decrease due to the impact of increased operating expenditure.

Whilst this is a normal method of dealing with high operating costs and while effective in the short term, we understand that businesses are still left feeling like they have little control or impact on other costs. Energy, staff, IT and property costs are increasing and people see these as uncontrollable expenses. While this is true, the trade-off is jobs, innovation and customer service.

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What’s different about Forum?

We approach business with outcome specific, not product-specific offerings. What we mean by this is that we work to understand business needs and goals and tailor specific solutions that work towards achieving those objectives.

There are few companies that provide the breadth of services that Forum offers. Our four divisions – Print, IT, Fleet and Enviro – are dedicated in their focus to provide expert professional advice; to increase business efficiency and productivity through the use of innovative technology solutions, and to do this in a way that that enables businesses to preserve their precious capital by providing flexible finance solutions. In many cases, this can lead to cash flow positive outcomes, funded solutions through savings achieved.

As found in our research, supplier management is becoming more complex and the effort required to manage suppliers is increasing. Dealing with multiple suppliers on account management, administration, billing and service all adds up to time that could be better spent on your business. Add to this, the need to understand your various contractual agreements and how they impact your business as your needs change – isn’t it time to consider reducing the number of suppliers that you have to deal with?

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Forum has changed all that.

Energy Optimisation. Fuel Efficiency. Phone systems for your office. Mobiles. Video Conferencing. Data links. Cloud Hosting. Fleet vehicle tracking systems. Document archiving. Managed Print Solutions. All of these and more can be delivered by Forum.

A flexible agreement

We have changed the way that businesses pay for their services; an agreement with the ability to change as your demands change. With our agreements, there is no need for capital outlay. We’re confident that the cost-savings we’ll be able to generate for your business will cover the cost of your technology – creating a positive cash flow arrangement from the first month. That’s cash back in your pocket.

It’s a bespoke agreement – individually tailored by our team to suit your needs. It offers flexibility on often previously inflexible arrangements, like allowing you to move between carriers for your communications needs. Or to change your hardware as your business requires change. Or add new technology. The choice is yours.

Service you can trust

We know that far too often customers are let down by suppliers. Promises broken. Not turning up when they say they will. Things don’t work as intended.

We make sure that you know what to expect from us and that there are no surprises (other than good ones, of course).

And we give you the confidence that you are getting the best deal possible, by selecting from a range of carriage, service and technology providers – rather than just pushing a single brand.