office 5 benefits of moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud

In today’s modern workplace, there is no longer the need for computer rooms packed with servers, wires, data storage and a team to maintain this. With cloud computing, your business can have all your software and services run on the internet, giving you the power to access all your data and programs on any device, no matter where you are.

Cloud computing represents a major opportunity for many organisations to increase operational efficiencies, lower IT infrastructure costs and transform the way you do business.


1. Work from anywhere

Cloud computing offers flexible and instant access, so you and your team can collaborate and share information from any device, at any time, no matter where you are. The ability to access every file and every application, whether you’re working remotely (ideally from a beautiful beachfront) or on the move, will make a significant impact on boosting productivity and your responsiveness to customers’ needs.

2. Security and disaster recovery

Cloud computing keeps your data secure with ongoing and automated daily backups, ensuring nothing is ever lost. Since data is never stored on a device, a lost or stolen laptop, phone or tablet cannot be hacked or compromised. All your files and emails are stored in a secure, compliant cloud infrastructure built on enterprise-class hardware.

With cloud computing, you eliminate the need to store your data within onsite servers, reducing the risk of losing your data at the hands of viruses, data theft or disasters, or during downtime. The clouds automatic backup and data recovery, means your data will be restored within minutes; no more pesky downtime.


3. Reduce costs

Cloud computing cuts the high cost of purchasing hardware and hiring IT teams to manage and maintain the infrastructure. Gone are the days of frequent equipment replacements, maintenance and time consuming upgrades. Instead of large upfront costs you simply pay-as-you-go without being locked into hardware contracts.

By using the resources of your cloud service provider you will no longer have to stress about IT management, giving you more time to focus and invest in the things that matter most to your business.

4. Scalability

A key benefit of using cloud computing is the ability to upscale or down scale your data storage capacity as your business grows or changes. With full control of your infrastructure, you can react faster to the needs of your business and have the financial flexibility to only pay for what you need, when you need it. With cloud computing, you can keep your business agile and flowing whilst gaining operational efficiencies that are kind to your cash flow.

5. Future proof your business

By moving to the cloud, you’ll no longer need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on hardware, only to see it become obsolete or break down in a few years’ time. You can not only eliminate this cost, but also substantially reduce the costs associated with managing your IT hardware and systems, enabling you to focus on growing your business.

Not only will your technology last longer, but staff productivity and retention will be positively impacted through enabling to work like it’s 2019, not 1999. With workplace flexibility rated as one of the most important factors for employees, enabling work on the go will ensure your employees are happy, efficient and not chained to their desks.

With technology progressing at a rapid rate, businesses are finding it harder to stay ahead of competition and anticipate strong growth.

Cloud computing has become a very attractive solution for organisations to increase agility in the competitive environment, tighten data security and future proof their business.

If you’d like to learn more about how migrating to cloud computing can enable you to focus on what really matters, let’s talk.

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