7 benefits of engaging Forum Group - an Australian-based business with local support centres

In today's global economy, customers value businesses with reliable customer support. You need to engage with one that can meet and even exceed your expectations.

For many, customer support centres are synonymous with a bad rep for unhelpful, faceless agents from halfway across the world. And when there is an urgent technical issue that’s hindering you from office productivity, you wouldn’t want to wait in a long phone queue.


At Forum Group we value and understand the importance of building relationships with our customers. From tailoring solutions for your business to resolving technical issues, we will support and guide you every step of the way. And with our support centres located in major cities across Australia, our experts are equipped to escalate and resolve any issues quickly.

Read on to find out how you can benefit by choosing Forum Group.

1. Service You Can Rely On

When you partner with Forum Group, you get access to our highly experienced service staff trained by our manufacturers to the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standard. This means you can focus on the important things and we’ll take care of your hardware and software issues - stress-free. 

From time to time, your hardware parts and consumables may need replacing - we’ll supply you with genuine replacements approved and warranted by the original manufacturer.  

2. We’re Constantly Evolving

We value your feedback. Not only do our service staff and support agents direct your feedback to our customer experience, you’ll also have the option to participate in our Feedback Family Program - Let’s Talk. Our surveys are attributable, meaning your CRMs are personally accountable for improving your experience with us.

On top of this, we deep dive into the survey results and address areas that need improvements. Based on the last few surveys, our initiatives have made a positive impact on our service - processes have become more efficient resulting in quicker response time, escalation and issue resolution. 

3. Our Extended Network Across Australia

We’re proud of the network we’ve established with our vendor, manufacturers and specialist partners. This means that when our in-house support agents or field technicians are unable to fully resolve your issues or fulfil the job, our partners will help escalate to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum. 

Working in a remote office with limited access to our support network? We have an extended dealer network across Australia, ensuring you receive the same level of support system no matter where you are. 

4. Guaranteed Service & Support

Your partnership with Forum Group includes a Service Level Agreement (SLA) establishing your expectations to the service and support our team will provide. Depending on the level of impact on your business operations, any issues raised will be attended to within an estimated response time.


5. Things Only an Aussie Could Know

Research shows that nine out of ten Australians prefer local call centres. With customer service centres in Australia, you'll be dealing with a provider that has the knowledge of what businesses in Australia need.

At Forum Group, we recognise the importance of delivering a seamless experience to customers. And unlike providers that partner with offshore call centres, our local support agents understand the political and economic challenges faced by Australian companies. Our agents are experts in the industry equipped with knowledge of the business landscape and how we should provide support to ensure our customers succeed.

6. Help Support the Australian Economy

When you engage an Australian customer support centre, you are also supporting the local economy. Helping other local businesses will not only keep jobs within Australian shores but also create new employment opportunities.

7. All Bundled in One Contract

We are a managed-services company offering a range of innovative solutions to enable business growth. For a monthly fee, your fully managed agreement gives you access to service from our dedicated support team, so you can focus on the important things and we’ll ensure the tools you need for your business operations run smoothly.

Forum Group is the Way to Go

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