7 reasons why you shouldn't buy your office printer or photocopier outright

Many businesses justify purchasing office machinery, such as printers, in the belief that owning them is simpler and more convenient. They may also mistakenly think that leasing options like managed print services are expensive or unnecessary. In our experience, this is not the case. As long as you’re choosing the right MPS, this can prove a far more efficient and cost-effective option for your business over the long term.


When deciding whether to buy or lease a printer or photocopier, we often hear people say that owning is the cheaper option, and it gives you more control over your assets.

Many business owners and decision-makers believe it’s essential to own investments that are essential parts of a business operation. While this can be a favourable option if you’re looking for simple setup, such as a single printer in a home office, this often isn’t the best option from a financial or tax perspective in a wider range of scenarios.

Leasing office equipment should be seriously considered as a more practical alternative to owning due to the upfront cost and internal maintenance required, as well as the rate at which technology continues to advance.

Here are seven reasons we believe you shouldn’t buy your office printer or photocopier outright:

1. Don't tie yourself to a particular technology

Technology like computers, printers and other office equipment is evolving at a rapid pace. There are constantly new models of equipment emerging as new advances are made. Owning a machine can mean you’re tied to that generation technology, which will not be as advanced or as current in a few years’ time. A managed print service agreement gives you the flexibility to upgrade your technology without incurring an upfront cost. This isn’t the case when buying equipment outright.

2. Consider upfront capital

Printing equipment is an investment, regardless of whether you’re buying or leasing it. By owning your machines, you’re creating a large, unnecessary sunk cost for your organisation, as a few new devices can quickly add up to around tens of thousands. Leasing can offer you the advantage of accessing competitive rates on equipment, as an MPS provider has buyer power due to their high volume of purchases. Your cash flow is also kept predictable and manageable with a monthly fee covering all your print management costs.

3. Take changing needs of your business into account

Any purchase of equipment comes with the option to choose from a range of specifications and features. Although getting the best machine with all the bells and whistles may be appealing, you may end up overpaying for features you may never need. Working with an MPS provider helps match your organisational needs to the best machine, which could save you or your staff valuable time spent researching. The monthly payments when leasing through an MPS provider also make budgeting and managing payments easier and more accessible for your business.

4. Don't forget about maintenance and repairs

One of the many benefits of leasing is that the responsibility and cost of maintenance and repairs don’t fall on you. Although new printers and photocopiers come with warranties, closer inspection of the fine print may show that warranties that appear generous can be hard to redeem and eligibility often falls under specific clauses. Managed print services provide regularly scheduled maintenance, which results in fewer breakdowns, less stress and a more efficient operation. Additionally, the cost of repairs and replacement parts that would otherwise need to be paid for are covered under an MPS agreement.

Technician is checking and changing the printer equipment cartridges tone of laser jet multi function printer in the office.

5. Your team takes on responisibilty

When purchasing outright, tasks like ordering more toner or cartridges, as well as bigger headaches like reporting and following up on faults, often fall on the shoulders of your office manager or IT support. If you don’t want your team to be burdened with this responsibility, consider that a managed print agreement from a provider like Forum Group comes with an account manager and customer support team. This means your consumables will automatically be ordered when they run low, plus you have expert support on hand to address problems faster and more efficiently and keep your organisation running smoothly.

6. Machines don't need to operate in isolation

A knowledgeable MPS like Forum Group can build the foundation of your network and set up your photocopiers, printers, phones and other technology to ‘talk to each other’ and letting them streamline reports and notifications. Reporting is another benefit of leasing. An MPS provider proactively generates meaningful reports that outline your current utilisation and highlight opportunities to optimise your equipment and drive cost savings.

7. Give your business room to grow

When you commit to a machine purchase, you’re not giving yourself the flexibility to adapt to your changing needs. Your MPS can grow with you and provide you with guidance and suggestions to make sure your business runs efficiently if you need new or additional printers or photocopiers.

Purchase outright or managed print service?

Choosing whether to buy or lease new equipment for your business can be a big decision. We believe those who default buying it outright should consider the benefits of a managed print service and honestly evaluate which decision is best for their business.

Taking the time to evaluate the pros and cons of an MPS contract versus purchasing outright could boost the bottom line of your business significantly. At Forum Group, our managed print services challenge the traditional model.

If you want to talk about the pros and cons of buying outright versus using a managed print service, get in touch.

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