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Forum Group

We started Forum in December 2011 with the idea that we could enable other businesses to focus on the work that matters most to them and let us take care of some of the basics of running their business, like managing their printer and copier fleets.

We have expanded what we do to include improving business processes — like automating how accounts payable teams work, or improving the way in which goods or services are delivered to customers. While we’re still experts in the area of managed print services, we look for ways for people to eliminate paper where possible through the use of electronic form document management system.

We also have products that improve the productivity of offices and employees in the way they communicate, share and store information via cloud computing. Above all, our solutions are designed to make business better.

And at the core of our solutions are our flexible financial agreements, which enable customers to access the latest technology, or change technology as their business needs change — without the need for capital outlay.



Pioneering the delivery of technology and services enabling businesses to unlock their potential.


To be the most customer-centric partner delivering service excellence to Australian businesses.

Forum Group Timeline

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Our Brand

A forum is defined as “a place of open discussion for expression of ideas”.

Our hexagonal patterns contained in our logo and our brand image, is influenced by the structure of one of nature’s most efficient cooperative working environments — a beehive.

Together, these two symbols encapsulate who we are and what we do. We work together with you, to create solutions that make your business as efficient as a beehive.

Working at Forum

There’s a reason people work at Forum. Rather than being a small fish in a big pond, everyone can see how their individual contribution makes a difference to the success of our business. That empowerment underpins our commitment to personal development, building strong relationships with our colleagues, taking pride in our work, and valuing our diverse experiences and backgrounds.

Company Culture & Values

We are a sales-driven organisation, but we genuinely want to make a difference to the businesses that we work with. We aim high and if we fail we learn from our mistakes.  We’re a tightly run ship, so there’s no room for passengers — everyone knows their part to play. We make it easy for people to shine and sincerely care about our work family.

Our values are at the core of everything we do.

Want to work at Forum?

We’re always on the hunt for great people,
so drop us a line at people@forumgroup.com.au

There’s a better way to work

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