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Since commencing operations in 2008, Aston Advantage has been providing specialist advice and recruitment for leading Australian businesses, with a key focus in the mining, construction and manufacturing industries. With offices around Australia, clients trust Aston Advantage to provide a reliable, professional service which means less wasted time, more productivity and greater profitability for their businesses.


After years of solid growth, Aston were facing mounting issues with their IT infrastructure, impacting their business operations. The problems centred on three key areas:


Local data storage was inadequate, slow to access with poor data connections and was subject to frequent dropouts. Delays in accessing Aston’s core CRM system, TRIS, was impacting the productivity of Aston staff.

Remote access

Aston’s recruitment team were frequently out of the office, relying on remote access, which due to the performance issues, was becoming extremely unreliable. This resulted in staff storing data on their devices, increasing the risk of data loss.


Working with a number of suppliers, many of who were more focused on enterprise customers rather than smaller businesses, often resulted in a ‘blame game’ when seeking to resolve support problems. This lack of action from vendors resulted in numerous unresolved issues from which Aston suffered.


After coming to the realisation that this situation could not support the businesses future growth, Aston engaged Forum Group to provide an end-end solution to their office infrastructure and support needs.

Forum implemented the Forum Office LiveOffice solution for their 20 staff. Connectivity and speed issues were a thing of the past with the implementation of Microsoft Office and a hosted email exchange, supported by a dedicated 50MB private data connection and managed firewall.

Aston staff are now able to work from any device, anytime, anywhere through the provision of a hosted desktop in their own private cloud storage. Staff simply login to their desktop and pick up from where they left off from their desktop pc, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. All the time with a secure connection and all data a files stored in a secure, central location.

Productivity issues with a slow responding CRM system TRIS are no longer experienced, having moved hosting from on-site servers to the cloud, with productivity being additionally enhanced through the implementation of an integration between Outlook and TRIS which gives staff immediate access to CRM information via their inbox.

And all support issues are how history with Aston dealing with a single managed service provider – Forum.


Forum Office has provided Aston with a fully integrated solution that meets their needs now and into the future.

Aston’s staff are better enabled to work from anywhere, and access data and their central CRM system on the go. Productivity has been improved and the flexibility awarded to staff means that they are happier and more able to meet demands as Aston’s business grows.

“The introduction of the Forum Office solution has dramatically improved the efficiency of our business, whilst delivering on the flexibility demands of the modern workplace. Our staff are happier and more productive and the transition was relatively easy to get us up and running.”

Chantal Haskett, Managing Director

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