CASE STUDY Azzurri Concrete

Azzurri Concrete is an Australian concrete supply, pumping and placement company working on both commercial and industrial projects. Operating since 2004, Azzurri now has 100+ staff, 500+ completed jobs, and a combined project value involvement of over $1 Billion.


In 2015, Azzurri approached Forum in response to changing industry standards. In order to succeed in tenders for large-scale projects, Azzurri were required to have digitally transformed their workflows. To meet these requirements, Azzurri needed to shift away from manual, paper-based forms and workflows to utilising digital work orders and forms, and automated processes.

Undergoing these changes would also resolve a number of issues that were arising as a result of their paper-based work, including varying degrees of data accuracy, slow processing times, and a number of lost forms and lost revenue.


Utilising Forum’s eForms software, we digitised 29 different forms for Azzurri. Forum was able to take copies of all existing paperwork and digitise these. By replicating existing forms, there was no confusion during the transition, and all necessary information could be captured. With the roll-out of eForms within Azzurri, a standard workflow was implemented, so that all staff were capturing accurate and complete data. Digital forms are stored in the cloud, meaning that they’re never lost, and accessible from the head office instantly.

Additionally, an internal notification system built within the document management system informs the relevant departments of any form submission. For example, submitted work orders will notify the finance team to invoice for work completed, keeping cash flow predictable and on-time.


The implementation of eForms within Azzurri has created a much more streamlined document management process that ensures compliance is met. Both admin work and manual data entry have been reduced dramatically, with a cost saving of over $180,000 in staffing.

eForms have allowed for same day invoicing to external partners, including builders and suppliers, made possible through instant automatic transfer of data. As a result, Azzurri are experiencing a greatly improved cash flow.

"Prior to using Forum’s eForms, the majority of our data was collected on paper forms. Forms filled out on building sites often didn’t make it back to our office for days or weeks, delaying updates and our ability to invoice. Now, we receive information instantly, and we’ve reduced the amount of lost forms and incorrect information by 90-100%. Information is no longer floating around at sites, in cars or lost altogether.

Using Forum eForms has definitely given us a competitive edge. We’ve reduced our admin work dramatically, and cut out manual data entry, which is saving us over $180,000 in staffing. Our staff are more focused on our clients and on how we can improve our processes, rather than chasing information.”

Peter Martino, Chief Executive Officer

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