Bruce’s Story

Bruce joined Forum when Forum acquired Imagetec in 2017. With 30+ years working in the print industry, Bruce’s role as the National Technical Support Officer has him supporting our staff, as the highest escalation point for print and printing solutions. Always seen with a smile on his face, Bruce is passionate about people above all else, except possibly football.

You came on board via our acquisition of Imagetec. What was the transition to Forum like?

Moving across to Forum was a very exciting time. The thought of merging, for many staff, was exciting, as it would bring another challenge. Moving from one structure, one business, to another, builds character, knowledge and relationships. Becoming a part of Forum was a great transition. The business was more future-focused.

Imagetec always had a world-class service structure. And integrating that within the Forum business, which had excellent culture and sales experience, just made sense. And you can see the impact of the merge. The number of installs each week has grown at an unbelievable rate.

It’s been brilliant. I love change. I love meeting new people and having new challenges.

How was the difference in culture compared to your past workplaces?

Forum’s culture was something that I haven’t experienced in any other organisation. It focussed on the people within the business. Everyone is looked after, they’re cared about. People aren’t just a number at Forum.

From the top down, there’s a level of personalisation and integration that flows throughout the whole business.

The culture here is way and above the best I’ve ever experienced. People are happy and they want to come to work and go above and beyond for the business. And there is recognition and reward associated with success.

Since being at Forum, there has not been one day that I’ve said to myself “I don’t want to come to work”. The positivity within the company has impacted me greatly.

You’ve been in the print industry for 30+ years. What’s it like being in a business that shifting to a technology focus?

My role has always been evolving. It is no longer solely print focussed. Its solution and product management focussed. I work with some of our biggest clients and help tailor solutions to their needs.

The evolving service offering is really interesting. Taking care of business’ core requirements, and improving the way businesses work is a fantastic business offering. It’s great to be involved in a space encompassing technology and efficiency improvements.


What do you think about the future of Forum?

I think we’re heading down the right path, and I think we have the right people leading us there. We’ve got very smart and creative people at Forum.

I love seeing people being promoted internally. We need to look inwards, as our people are our company.

I directly report to someone 20 years my junior, but I’d have to class him as one of the smartest people I know. He’s very understanding and he reads situations well.

I think given the current leadership, and the leadership training program – it’s something that I’ve never seen before, and it makes you think that people really care about this company and its future. We’re investing a lot into our future, and it means that we care.

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