Christian’s Story

Christian has worked in our NSW sales team as a Business Solutions Consultant since June 2016. Coming on board with no previous business or sales experience, Christian has been one of our first team members to go through Forum’s sales mentoring, and is now achieving some ambitious targets just a year into his sales career.

So why did you decide to pursue a career in sales?

I didn’t know that I wanted to go into sales.

I had only ever studied science, and have a degree in Veterinary Bio-science. I found that working in scientific research was a little boring and repetitive, and I wanted a challenge…. something more exciting.

I knew I wanted to go into business, and I felt that sales would be a great way to figure out how a business works in a really hands-on way.

With Sales being a very sink or swim profession, tell us about the support that you’ve received at Forum?

Beginning in sales was a massive learning curve. All of the responsibility is placed on you, and you alone. Making appointments, making calls, visiting clients. You’re really accountable for your own actions.

While you are totally accountable for yourself, you’re never alone. The senior salespeople and the sales managers are always guiding you, ensuring that you’re not attending appointments solo, doing the wrong thing or messing up any contracts. There are so many layers of support in the team.

The most helpful support has been through our mentoring program, where a junior salesperson will buddy up with a senior salesperson, attend all meetings with them, and gain 1-on-1 mentoring all day, every day. It really gives you full visibility of the good habits and techniques used by the successful salespeople.

What has driven you to succeed in your role at Forum?

There’s something about winning a deal that’s immensely satisfying. The feedback from management and the team camaraderie is so encouraging.

We have incentives, but the best thing about the incentive targets isn’t the money, it’s being able to go and have a good time with your team.


What do you like about the culture at Forum?

The culture in the team is really motivating and tight-knit.

There’s a nice mix of young people and experienced salespeople. The team are always offering to help you achieve your targets, offering advice. They ask “how can I help you” and “what do you need”, rather than asking why you’re not hitting your target.

It’s like being in a sports team. If you’re letting down your team, they want to pick you up and help you out. They’ll review your deals, see where you improve to help you achieve your goals.

What training and development have you received to equip you for success?

Again, I have to emphasise just how helpful the buddy system works at Forum. Getting to work one-on-one with a senior salesperson to learn everything they do well, it’s priceless.

There has also been great training and guidance from our technical specialists and product training with product experts.

Our Forum Sales Conference was also a great experience. The skills we learned on account management techniques and account planning, I use every day.

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