FREE EBOOK How a Managed Print Service (MPS) can save money and drive efficiency in your business

Free eBook reveals: Everything you must know before you speak with a managed print service provider - Knowing this can save you $1000’s a year in printing costs.

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What you need to know

When you consider 64% of businesses can’t track print costs or usage and printing can cost up to 3% of annual revenue, it makes sense to optimise this key office function.

Many organisations are following the modern trend and outsourcing this part of their operation to specialised third parties, who take care of every aspect of business printing through a Managed Print Service (MPS) program.

In this eBook, you'll learn:

  • How traditional print management has evolved with technology
  • How to evaluate an if MPS is right for your business
  • Forum's step-by-step managed print process revealing how we find the best fit for you
  • How one business saved nearly 60% on their print spend with Forum's tailored solution

Save money and drive efficiency with an MPS

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Analyse ongoing usage, volume and spend
Flexibility to grow and change
Service fixes and tech updates

Consolidate and remove complexity

Consolidate all your print and document management and give the responsibility for its smooth operation to specialists. Say goodbye to all your daily print-related problems.

Analyse ongoing usage, volume and spend

Gather, analyse and share key data like usage, volume and spend across your business using technology.

Flexibility to grow and change with your business

Get the best fit for your business now, with the flexibility to upgrade later. Your plan can scale or shrink with you.

Service fixes and tech updates

Expect expert-level service for your devices whenever it’s needed. And, when devices reach the end of their usable life, they get replaced.

Find out how we helped Findex save nearly 60% on their monthly printing costs with Forum's tailored manage print solution


“We knew we liked the team, we knew we could trust them. For us as a business, having relationships like this with people that we trust and people that we like is really important and it works really well.”

– Owen Maher, Executive Managing Partner

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