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Are you ready for the modern workplace?

The way we work has changed forever. We can no longer expect our traditional office structures, equipment and processes to bring out the best in our employees. Rapid innovation, flexibility and digital enablement has been forced upon us. In this eBook, we’ll explore the biggest workplace trends for 2021 and beyond.

You’ll learn:
- The technology and tools you need to empower your employees
- How to ensure productivity with a distributed and remote workforce
- The cost savings you’ll achieve with smarter procurement decisions that support modern ways of working

Free employee working from home checklist

Are you still unsure about what you or your team needs to be productive at home? This eBook includes a Working from Home checklist to help you get your employees prepared for working remotely. Download your copy today to make sure your productivity and culture don’t suffer when your team is at home.

Who Cares We Care!

Since partnering with Forum for its communications solution, WCWC has transitioned to a more secure and easy to use communication solution. Data connection speeds are up by 45MB/s and the time to close support tickets has decreased by 90%. Staff have gained full visibility of communication and are now better enabled to provide support to clients.

“Before Forum, system shutdowns used to occur weekly and at least for a full day. Our internet and system reliability was non-existent, speed slow at best and our telephone systems were antiquated. The decision to implement has now improved not only the organisation's systems reliability, but the anxiety levels of the administration team have lowered.”

Tracy Forbes, General Manager

Aston Advantage

Forum Group provided Aston Advantage with a fully integrated solution that has resulted in a 70% reduction in their open support tickets and the time spent on support calls. The flexibility awarded to Aston’s staff means that they are better enabled to work from anywhere and access data on the go.

“The introduction of the Forum solution has dramatically improved the efficiency of our business, whilst delivering on the flexibility demands of the modern workplace. Our staff are happier and more productive and the transition was relatively easy to get us up and running.”

Chantal Haskett, Managing Director

Azzurri Concrete

The implementation of eForms within Azzurri has created a much more streamlined document management process that ensures compliance is met and. Both admin work and manual data entry have been reduced dramatically and Azzurri are experiencing a greatly improved cashflow saving over $180,000 annually

“We’ve reduced our admin work dramatically, and cut out manual data entry, which is saving us over $180,000. Our staff are more focused on our clients and on how we can improve our processes, rather than chasing information.”

Peter Martino, Chief Executive Office

Prochem Pipeline Products

Prochem moved from a legacy sales quoting system to our eForms solution, completely eliminating paper forms and manual data entry. The implementation of our eForms solution as an internal quoting tool has facilitated a more streamlined process for Prochem’s staff. They are now able to track and report on sales enquiries and can make any updates to the system they need in the future.  

"Forum’s flexible approach to the solution allowed us to change processes mid-solution for improved outcomes. Excellent team and a pleasure to work with.”

Graham Llewellyn-Berry, Chief Financial Officer

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