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Are you ready for the NBN & 5G?


ISDN is being disconnected from September 2019. Is your business ready for the switchover to NBN and the 5G network to follow?

Australia is on track to ditch our old copper network and switch over to the National Broadband Network (NBN) next year. This eBook gives you the inside edge on what the NBN is, how it’s likely to affect your business, and how to make sure you’re migrated well in advance to avoid losing connectivity.

It also explains how to prepare for the next evolution: 5G.

What’s Happening?

Australia’s NBN rollout is happening at pace. According to the latest stats, 62% of homes and businesses are already on a high-speed plan, and the entire country is on track for NBN completion in 2020.
The NBN is replacing or repurposing the old copper networks with fibre optic cables, which will provide super-fast Internet to businesses and homes and ensure our national infrastructure keeps up with digital demands.

5 Key Facts

  1. ISDN - Australia’s telecommunications solution for years - will begin disconnection from September 2019.

  2. Businesses that have a phone, fax, Internet connection or an alarm that’s connected to a provider should make sure they’re prepared for the disconnection of the old ISDN network and switch over to the NBN. If not, they’ll be cut off.

  3. Old PBX phone systems aren’t compatible with the NBN, so it’s best to move to new technology as soon as possible. This is vital for small businesses with multiple phone lines that have yet to switch to an NBN-compatible service.

  4. The NBN network is wholesale-only, so you can’t work directly with NBN Co. You’ll need to engage with a retail phone and Internet provider such as Forum to install and manage NBN for your business.

  5. It takes 4-8 weeks for providers like Forum to set up a business on the NBN. Businesses need to let their providers know at least two months in advance so their operation isn’t interrupted.

This eBook from industry specialists will help you:


Find out how NBN will affect your business.


Understand 5G and how it will affect the NBN.


Make the transition to the NBN quick and easy.

Free Comprehensive

If you are an owner or manager of an SME (Small Business Enterprise) with less than 300 employees and have yet to switch your ISDN connection to the NBN, you’ll find this eBook highly useful.

Prepare for the NBN using Forum Group’s comprehensive eBook checklist.

A real-life NBN story

Read how a Forum Group client benefitted from their successful switch to NBN.


“Before Forum, system shutdowns used to occur weekly and at least for a full day. Our Internet and system reliability was non-existent, speed slow at best and our telephone systems were antiquated.

Forum took us through all of our available options and made the transition from our old system to the new simple and easy. The decision to implement has now improved not only the organisations systems reliability, but the anxiety levels of the administration team have lowered. We have the utmost trust with Forum to manage our systems and security, which is our priority for the vulnerable clients we support.”

Tracy Forbes, General Manager - Who Cares? We Care!

How will 5G affect the NBN?

5G is the next evolution in mobile technology and our networks are being upgraded in anticipation. While it promises faster speeds and better performance, 5G is currently trailing below 4G.

While pockets of 5G are available in some cities, it won’t be until at least 2020 that 5G has any real impact, and several more years until the networks are completed.

While 5G will be a viable alternative for some businesses and consumers, it won't replace the need for the NBN. 5G data costs are also likely to remain high for some time, plus 5G handsets are limited.

Regardless of these changing technologies, Forum can help you transition without a hitch. The important first step is to move to the NBN, so you don’t have to worry about being left behind.

12 Reasons to Partner with Forum

The NBN and the cloud are two critical factors impacting business success and competitiveness. Forum Group can help automate your workflow and digitally transform your business with these key features:

  • Remote accessibility

  • NBN-enabled cloud service for workplace flexibility

  • Our systems are hosted on a private cloud

  • 24/7 technical support

  • Pay only for what you need

  • Integrate your IT footprint via the cloud

  • Scale up as you grow

  • We get you on the cloud right away

  • Low-cost hardware

  • Government-grade security, plus 24/7 redundancy

  • Flexibility with the NBN and PBX phone systems

  • Ongoing support from dedicated Account Managers

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