Ensure Safety and Compliance with vehicle tracking and driver monitoring

Protect your drivers and your fleet of vehicles with a clever combination of GPS vehicle tracking, on-board diagnostics, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT), that also simplifies the management of your health and safety responsibilities.

Driver safety and compliance, made simple

Managing a fleet of vehicles and machinery comes with a great deal of risk. With accidents and other incidents not uncommon, it's important to ensure that you’re taking every possible action to keep your people, your assets and your business safely protected.

Without adequate safety and compliance measures in place, not only do you put your employees at risk, you leave your business at risk of financial and legal ramifications. As industry regulations become more robust, health and safety obligations have shifted the responsibility of workplace safety to directors and managers. If you’re not doing everything in your power to keep drivers, vehicles and machinery safe as well as keeping accurate compliance records, you’re at risk.

With Forum Connect’s GPS asset tracking, you can pay closer attention to your driver performance and fleet maintenance, automate your driver and maintenance logs and store accurate compliance records in one easy to manage solution. Proactively manage your assets, people and processes and become a more streamlined and professional operation. All of which is made possible with our cutting-edge technology and expertise.

We enable you to manage your fleet’s safety and compliance through:

  • Real-time tracking
  • Vehicle monitoring
  • Driver behaviour monitoring
  • AI-powered dashcams
  • Chain of responsibility records
  • Pre-start checklists and incident reports
  • Maintenance logs
  • Driver communications
Driver safety and compliance

How connected fleets protect your drivers and your business

Driver Safety

Enhance driver protection by encouraging safe driving and preventing risky habits before they become problems. Check your drivers for mobile phone use, lane position and deviation, distractions and driver fatigue.

Ensure Vehicle Safety Health

Reduce the potential of breakdown, failure and accidents with real-time monitoring and maintenance reminders. Guarantee vehicles are safe with pre-start checklists and guided inspections.

Digitised Compliance

Maintain your safety records in one centralised location and easily report on your health and safety performance and compliance. Digitally store pre-start checklists, logbooks, maintenance records and incident logs.

Reduced Costs

Asset tracking saves you money across the board. You can eliminate driving habits that cause wear and tear of your fleet, reduce fuel consumption, claim more fuel tax credits and reduce your overall liability for health and safety accidents and fines.

Risk Mitigation

If your employee has an accident and is at fault, you or your directors may be personally liable.  A driver safety solution ensures you’re doing what you can to prevent breaches of safety and help avoid legal and financial risk.

Improved Visibility

Use real-time tracking and monitoring across your entire fleet for better visibility and easier reporting. You’ll respond to emergencies fast, and have custom dashboards that give you the insight you need to drive long-term safety improvements.

The smart features that ensure driver, fleet and operational safety

AI-Powered Driver Monitoring Dashcams

Monitor your driver’s’ performance, behaviour and wellbeing with our artificial intelligence (AI) enabled dash cameras.

The AI-dashcams automatically picks up on risky driver behaviour such as tailgating, smoking in the cabin, driver fatigue, seat belt use, mobile phone use, lane deviation, and even alerts the driver while driving before an accident occurs.

With unparalleled detection, you’ll be able to reduce the potential of driver error, ensure drivers are following guidelines, and more easily meet your health and safety compliance requirements.

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Forms and Checklists

Safety starts with pre-journey checklists and maintenance reports and continues with accurate record-keeping of incident reports and documentation.

Create all the customised forms and checklists you need to meet your compliance responsibilities within the Forum Connect platform for your staff to use.

Staff can complete all checklists and forms on their mobile phone or telematics device and have these immediately sent and stored on your compliance repository in the cloud.

Driver Communication

Our safety solution comes equipped with two-way communication between drivers and head office that allows for both instant messaging on the road and in-between jobs.

Stay on top of erratic driving, encourage your drivers to take breaks, keep your drivers motivated and send important job and delivery information that won’t get lost.

Driver coaching and training relies on strong communication and with in-built two-way communication, you and your team will get the best out of every driver.

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Vehicle Monitoring

Fleet management is more than driver safety and performance. With Forum Connect, you can also monitor the health of your assets including fuel usage, engine temperature, speed, harsh acceleration, sharp braking and tyre pressure.

Keep clear records on your vehicle health through pre-start checklist and incident reports, so that you know when each vehicle is due for servicing. Assets that are monitored and maintained regularly reduce the risk of accidents.

Your fleet management safety and compliance data, all in one place

Driver Safety and Behaviour

View real-time driver performance data to respond to risks before an accident occurs, then use the insight to report on trends and create personalised driver education programmes.

Quickly identify your best-performing drivers and step in to coach drivers with regular and ongoing performance issues. With driver safety and behaviour information in one simple dashboard, you’ll have all the data you need to establish a team of safe and compliant drivers.


Knowing when your assets are due for service and keeping on top of their health while they’re in use ensures that your assets are performing at their best and are safe to operate.

Forum Connect’s integrated dashboard will send you reminders when your assets are due for a service and you’ll be able to monitor core asset health metrics like temperature and tyre pressure to guarantee peak performance. You’ll also have all your accurate maintenance logs stored in one place that provides a clear picture for your compliance team.


Regular driver training reduces the risk of injury and reputational damage that comes from dangerous driving, distractions and accidents.

Our safety and compliance solution provides ongoing monitoring and feedback on driver performance including live cabin coaching which assists in correcting behaviour while your drivers are on the road. Events can also be uploaded to the Connect platform to be reviewed by a fleet manager to aid them in driver coaching.

Chain of Responsibility

Meeting your Chain of Responsibility (COR) obligations is quick and easy with Forum Connect. You’ll have real-time information such as driver welfare and behaviour to help you proactively manage driver risk, and all your compliance documentation is stored securely in a digital compliance file.

Customise your checklists, forms and logs to fit both your industry’s regulations and your internal procedures, then automate the data collection and team notifications, including using our cutting-edge sign on glass feature.

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