Findex is Australasia’s largest integrated financial advisory and accounting business. With 110+ Australian and New Zealand Locations, $17+ billion fund under advice and 250k+ clients, Findex specialist knowledge and world class resources delivers the full spectrum of financial services under one roof.


In 2015 Findex went to tender to solve their mounting issues in relation to print management. Exponential growth and the acquisition of a number of brands created a significant problem for the Findex IT team managing multiple domains, multiple print queues and multiple print servers.

Across the Findex Group, they had 59 separate supplier agreements. Not only was management of this fleet time consuming, they had little visibility as branches made decisions regarding their print needs autonomously. Numerous makes and models with an array of consumable requirements meant that in addition to this being difficult to manage, it was costly and inefficient.

Forum approached Findex with a managed print solution to their problem and was successfully awarded the tender in December 2015.


Through the partnership with Forum, Findex was able to consolidate its supplier agreements from 59 to just one – a single agreement with Forum. Forum introduced a standard footprint of their printer fleet and reduced the number of brands they were using from 7 to 3. A unified platform was created between all businesses in the Findex Group,
reducing print queues and consolidating servers.

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The initial implementation of the Forum managed print solution, managing 340 devices across the 115+ Findex sites across Australia and New Zealand, reduced Findex print spend by 40% and delivered a range of productivity benefits to the Findex team. And, in the last 2 years, Forum has been able to further reduce Findex print spend using the Papercut swipe and release, also known as “follow me print", by approximately 12% – even with Findex's growth and expansion.

This innovative solution allows employees to store and print at any device within their office location, dramatically reducing the number of wasted prints, while providing added security for confidential documents.

“We knew we liked the team, we knew we could trust them.
For us as a business, having relationships like this
with people that we trust and people that we like is
really important and it works really well”

Owen Maher, Executive Managing Partner

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