Forum Group Industry Report:
Cloud Computing's Impact on Businesses in Australia

Cloud technology offers cost-savings and many operational advantages to both SMEs and larger business organisations, but not everyone has embraced it. In many cases, employees and their employers are not on the same page regarding the technological transformation necessary to drive growth and productivity. Why is that? And why do large corporations and SMEs need to embrace the cloud in the workplace to succeed going forward?

Our eBook covers the 2019 Forum Group Workplace Digital Outlook survey results and statistics, and it highlights the key benefits of adopting a cloud infrastructure. In this document, you'll learn:

  • Why some top company executives are reluctant to move to the cloud

  • How legacy, on-premises systems are limiting employee productivity

  • Why cloud adoption is essential to attracting and retaining the millennial workforce

  • About the effect of cloud computing on business growth, cybersecurity, operational continuity, costs, etc


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