NBN Rollout Map: 9 Ways to Prepare for the Move

The National Broadband Network (NBN) rollout is well underway, connecting more than 40,000 premises across Australia every week  to a faster and more reliable internet network.  If your business or office communication systems are landline-based, you will have no other choice but to migrate to the new network within 18 months after it has reached your location. Otherwise, your premises may be cut off from the telecommunications network.

But what does it mean to be prepared for the NBN rollout? Here are 9 vital things to know:


1. The NBN Co Might Pull the Plug on the Existing Network in Your Area Soon

NBN Co intends to connect 11.7 million premises by 2020. So, most likely, the organisation will switch off the existing network in your business location soon.

2. Don’t be Caught Off Guard: Know Your Disconnection Date

Keep your switch-off date in mind when preparing your NBN migration timetable. Once the NBN reaches your area, you may have up to 18 months to upgrade and migrate. When the "migration window" expires, you'll be disconnected from your old internet and phone service. Don’t put your business at risk and wait until the very last month to migrate as the date of installation can take longer than expected, depending on NBN Co’s schedule. To avoid downtime and revenue loss, be sure to plan well ahead for a smooth transition.

3. How to Check Service Availability in Your Business Location

Visit the NBN rollout map and type your address in the provided search box to find out if the new broadband infrastructure is available in your area, as well as the type of NBN connection you will have. If your location is highlighted in purple or designated as "service available," you can connect to the NBN. For areas where the build has commenced, the map will be highlighted brown with an approximate date of completion. If your area is showing as "not currently available” you may need to ask NBN Co about its rollout timetable for your location.


4. NBN Migration is not Automatic: Engage a Service Provider

Once the NBN access network is available in your area, you will need to engage with a service provider to make the switch. Remember, the migration will not happen automatically, so contact your preferred company or engage with a new provider for assistance when you're ready to switch to the new network.

5. Your NBN Migration Window Could be Smaller than 18 Months

You may have fewer than 18 months to move to the NBN depending on when you discovered that the service is available in your area. Also, some NBN network providers have shorter transitional periods. To avoid falling behind on the necessary telephone and cabling preparations, contact your preferred telecommunications company and confirm the timing for your NBN migration.

6. Choose an NBN Package Based on Budget and Network Speed Requirements

The maximum internet speed you can get from a broadband connection depends on your specific NBN business plan. So, choose a package that delivers your preferred data download/upload rates. Usually, gigabytes per second (GB/s) indicates the speed of a broadband network.

Likewise, consider the monthly data allowance required when selecting your NBN service. The specification limits the maximum amount of data you may transfer, download, or upload via the new network within a specified subscription period. Keep in mind that your broadband speed and data bundle requirements dictate the price of your NBN business package.

7. Read the Fine Print: Determine What You’re Getting (and Paying For)

The NBN service contract you sign should include requirement specifications or details such as:

  • Your connection speed: Data transfer, download, and upload rates impact the effectiveness of your internet-powered business/office communication systems.

  • Power outages: Most NBN service components like landline telephones or security alarms may cease to operate after a power outage. Does your NBN plan include ways to minimise or avoid downtime during a blackout? Your provider should clarify that beforehand.

  • Network outage: What information or assistance will be available to you in the event of a broadband connection failure?

Consult for a Smooth Transition to the NBN

Are you ready for the inevitable NBN migration? At Forum Group, we can answer all relating questions after a comprehensive assessment of your existing business phone systems and data cabling. We'll then advise you on any equipment, cabling upgrades or replacements required in your premises to flawlessly integrate with your preferred NBN service.

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