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Printing in your office should just simply work. Your office or photocopier printer leasing services should simply allow you to press print, from any device, and let you collect it from any printer at your office. Your staff should be able to schedule all of their prints during the day and swipe to release them when they are ready. You should never run out of toner. Our service is fast and efficient and you’re not paying for a device that doesn’t match your needs.

Turn your printing into something you never have to think about.

Get Managed Print Services in Perth

We know that business in Perth continue to need printers, so Forum Group has tailored solutions for your workplace. We will work with you to define your printing needs, and then offer a solution that suits your requirements. You won’t pay for an A3 multifunction machine if you only need an A4 printer in the office.

You’ll take advantage of the latest features that save you time and money. Forum Group can also implement cloud computing solutions such as scanning and storing documents, as well as printing from any device to any printer in your office. You’ll easily track your print spend, allocate costs, manage your staff’s printing usage, giving you more control than ever before. Our printer leasing services available across Perth are best in class.

You won’t have to worry about running out of printing toner. Toner ordering and delivery is automated, so when you’re running low, you can expect a delivery at your door. Our team of experts are here to support you should you have any problems.


Key Benefits of our managed print services in Perth

Let us handle
the stress

Ease the workload for your IT team. Our team of printer leasing experts are here to support you, so you can focus on the important things.

Track your

Track and allocate printing costs per user, department or device.


Print only when you need to. Move documents digitally. Store in the cloud.

Only pay for
what you need

Get the right device, from a range of manufacturers, best suited for your business needs.

Make running out of toner
a thing of the past

Your machines will automatically place a toner order when they’re running low and it’ll be shipped quickly to your door across Sydney.

Print smarter,
not harder

Print to any printer in your office, from any device — desktop, notebook, tablet, mobile — whenever you want.

Printing Partners

You don’t want to have only one option when choosing a printer. So we’ve developed partner relationships with a number of manufacturers to give you choice.

Printer Dealer Network

We’re building our dealer network. As the exclusive distributor of Develop in Australia, we're building a network of dealers around Australia to ensure that you have local support and advice.

Our dealer locations can be found on the interactive map.

Forum Office Sydney:
Level 5, 141 Walker St
North Sydney NSW 2060

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