Prochem Pipeline Products is an Australian distributor of stainless steel products for use in piping, fittings, instrumentation, and other specialised products. Prochem currently operates through nine branches across Australia, NZ, Singapore and Thailand.

The challenge

In early 2017, Prochem engaged Forum to discuss their print requirements. Following initial discussions with Prochem, an additional business process opportunity was identified, as there were a number of issues arising from a sales quoting system that Prochem were currently using.

The sales quoting system was built internally some 10 years ago. The staff member who designed the system had since left the company,  leaving them unable to make any changes. It involved a high degree of manual work and significantly impacted productivity. Prochem knew that the system was costing them both time and money and were keen to seek an alternate solution.

The solution

Forum mapped Prochem’s sales quoting process and identified a number of opportunities to create a more efficient workflow. 

Utilising its eForms solution, Forum was able to provide Prochem with a much simplified tool, removing the need for manual workarounds and improving the sales quoting process, together with improvements to staff productivity. Importantly, the eForms solution is now hosted in the cloud, rather than on Prochem’s local servers, with automatic data back-up to remove the chance of lost data. The new solution also has room for expansion into other areas of the business, with the potential to cover the entire sales process.

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The result

The implementation of our eForms solution as an internal quoting tool has facilitated a more streamlined process for Prochem’s staff. The number of applications used for quoting have been reduced, and paper-based forms and duplicate data entry have been eliminated.

Prochem are now able to track and report on sales enquiries, which wasn’t possible before. Additionally, updates can be made to the system should Prochem need to modify process, giving more freedom and flexibility in their process creation.

Since the implementation of the sales quoting tool using Forum E-forms, Prochem are reviewing other processes in their business for the potential to migrate to an E-forms solution, to further streamline their document workflows and improve staff productivity.

"Forum’s flexible approach to the solution allowed us to change processes mid-solution for improved outcomes. Excellent team and a pleasure to work with.”

Graham Llewellyn-Berry, Chief Financial Officer

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