Rebecca’s Story

Rebecca has been working as an Accountant at Forum since June 2017. Growing up in Beijing and studying in the United Kingdom, Rebecca’s time at Forum has seen her become one of the key members of the team, with involvement across the remit of our finance team. Rebecca’s passion for her team and taking on challenges shines through in all that she takes on.

Why did you choose to work at Forum?

After working in my previous role for 4 years, I knew I wanted to do something a little different. Forum was in a completely different industry, and much bigger than my previous companies. During my interview process, as the finance leaders told me about the business, I found the complexity, challenges and opportunity for growth to be very attractive. I knew I wanted to grow my experience here.

Seeing the team at work when I visited the office for my interview, it was great seeing the team smiling and collaborating, their desks decorated with Minion figurines and other trinkets. Everyone seemed very friendly and relaxed, and I knew that the leaders were caring and casual – I’d never seen desks decorated before previously.

What do you like about the way people work at Forum?

In a lot of finance teams, there are very strict, and sometimes dated, ways of doing things. You follow the rules and don’t really have much space to think for yourself and innovate. I like that we really encourage people to innovate here. Find new ways to improve our efficiency and accuracy of our work.

The leadership realises the issues we face, and enable us to make changes that improve our work. When someone has an idea, we discuss it and try to simplify our work. It’s an ongoing process, and I’m glad to see that everyone takes part in this.

This is the best team I’ve ever worked with. Everyone wants to help their teammates, and pick up the slack when you’re busy. In past jobs, people would say “that’s your job. That doesn’t happen in our team.

What do you like about the company culture?

At Forum, it’s great that people are very willing to take part in company activities and get to know everyone within the business. Everyone is very involved with one another and communicates well.

At lunch, we always eat together, sharing food brought from home or ordering in or going out on a Friday. We’re quite a young team, and I find that we have lots to talk about, and are very social. We’re really close, even outside of work.

I love our work events, especially the Melbourne Cup and our Christmas Party. Having all of our interstate employees fly into Sydney for Christmas is great. You get to meet everyone and get to know them face-to-face.


How do you feel you’re progressing in your career and within Forum?

Since I came on board, I’ve learned new skills and expanded my knowledge. Working closely with our heads of finance, I’ve not only improved on the finer details, but I’ve improved the way I think and approach problems, and better serve the company. It definitely feels like I’m growing every day.

We’ve taken on more responsibilities as a team, and have undergone payroll system transitions, with some exciting new technology to create automation in the near future. What we’re doing is reducing the potential for human error and making our reporting more accurate.

The work can be stressful and deadlines can be hard to hit sometimes, but the things that keep me going is a loving team and great leadership. I feel happy to come to work.

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