Towing Service

Sheen Towing Service is a vehicle towing and salvage company based in Bayswater, Victoria.




In expanding the business’ presence across Melbourne, Sheen Towing Service needed to address several areas to successfully grow its operations.

It was critical for Sheen Towing Service to have maximum visibility of where its drivers were at all times when responding to job call outs. By integrating a solution that could help track its drivers’ whereabouts, Sheen Towing Service could examine how to improve its overall productivity and increase the quantity of jobs that it would be able to take on.

As Sheen Towing Service was looking to expand its operations, it required a system that could provide greater control to simultaneously manage multiple jobs in different locations.


Forum Fleet installed the TomTom LINK 530 and TomTom PRO 7100 systems to provide greater visibility and ease of dispatching Sheen Towing Service vehicles to job sites.

The LINK 530 and PRO 7100 devices are user-friendly systems that help improve overall vehicle management by providing driver IDs and detailed tracking. This allows account managers within Sheen Towing Service to see where their vehicles are at all times.

TomTom Telematics also provides drivers with an accurate GPS system that helps them to navigate and reduce time spent in traffic delays.

Forum Fleet also provided Sheen Towing Service with a local account manager that is able to quickly solve any problems that arise, further minimising vehicle downtime.





Since June 2013 when Forum Fleet installed the TomTom Telematics system in 12 of their vehicles, Sheen Towing Service has seen a 30% increase in the number of jobs it is able to undertake and a substantial decrease in vehicle downtime.

The fleet management solution enables the company to accurately record fuel and maintenance costs, as well as keep a close eye on its vehicle and driver health and safety requirements. By overseeing areas like fuel use and vehicle maintenance, it has been able to significantly reduce the associated costs across its vehicle fleet.

As the TomTom Telematics solution is cloud-based, Sheen Towing Service can fully customise its fleet reports from anywhere in the world while allocating and monitoring its drivers on the job. This visibility has also seen Sheen Towing Service achieve 100% accuracy in reconciling invoices and employee time-sheets, further improving backend operations.



"A user-friendly system for both drivers and account managers is absolutely worth its weight in gold. Forum has helped us to change the way we manage our fleet and made the entire process from booking a job to reporting its completion that much easier. The fact that we have full control over our fleet management system from anywhere in Australia is essential to growing our business. Because we’re not limited by distance or difficult software systems we can focus on maintaining our customer base instead of spending time on inefficient account administration."

Matthew Piotrowski, Manager, Sheen Towing Service