CASE STUDY Southern tyre service

Southern Tyre Service is a mobile tyre fitting and repairs provider operating across Sydney.

The challenge

Wanting to maximise productivity and efficiency on and off the road, Southern Tyre Service decided to put out a competitive tender to fleet management providers to find a partner that would help optimise its day-to-day operations.

Key to the solution’s objective was increasing the number of jobs its mobile tyre fitter vehicles could attend per day, and improving customer service by providing accurate ETAs for clients. Another priority was to improve driver safety and mechanical wear on vehicles by reducing fuel and mileage, as well as minimising the number of accidents and infringement notices.

With so many variables able to impact delivering services to customers, Southern Tyre Service required a solution that would ensure greater visibility of daily driving operations and notify customers to any changes to arrival times.

The solution needed to extend to Southern Tyre Service’s backend operations to ensure that it could effectively manage its entire fleet of vehicles.

The solution

Forum Fleet installed the TomTom Telematics LINK 530 Track and Trace systems as well
as the PRO 7150 Navigation system with LIVE traffic updates.

The LINK 530 and PRO 7150 devices provide a range of options that help improve overall vehicle management by providing driver IDs and detailed tracking. This allows account managers within Southern Tyre Service to see where their vehicles are at all times.

TomTom Telematics also provides drivers with an accurate GPS system that helps them to navigate and reduce their time spent in traffic delays.

The result

Southern Tyre Service now has 15 of its vehicles installed with Forum Fleet’s telematics solution. Since April 2013, the implementation has seen an increase of two additional jobs per vehicle per day, or 30 jobs per day in total.

The fleet management solution enables the company to accurately record fuel and maintenance costs as well as keep a close eye on its vehicle and driver health and safety requirements.

By overseeing areas like fuel use and vehicle maintenance, it has been able to significantly reduce its overall fuel consumption by 10 percent across its vehicle fleet.

The on-road benefits extend to the backend operations with a seven percent reduction in communication costs through minimised phone bills as well as providing more time for employees to focus on other jobs, in turn improving staff productivity.

The office team now has full visibility of the drivers and their pending workloads increasing efficient staff management and reducing the employee overtime by five percent.

"Having never used a fleet management or telematics solution before, the improvements we’ve achieved have been very significant both in terms of how we manage our vehicle fleet and service our customer base. This has allowed us to expand our business daily. With greater visibility of our vehicle fleet we’ve been able to focus our energy on other areas of the business such as tendering for larger contracts in transport companies. My experience with Forum Group and TomTom Telematics hardware has been impressive and I look forward to working with them in the future on some of the exciting projects we have on the horizon."

Tim Ball, General Manager, Southern Tyre Service

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