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The next generation of connectivity via mobile data has already begun spreading across Australia. While 5G is not currently available in all areas of the country, those looking to upgrade their phone can future-proof themselves by opting for a 5G compatible device.Well, 5G connectivity is no longer the new thing currently, but most parts of the country still have not been graced by the presence. This exhaustive piece offers all you need to know about the available compatible phones, those to be availed soon, and the state of 5G coverage in the country.

Latest 5G Phones Available in Australia


Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

It was the first 5G-enabled device to be launched in Australia. The device is not just among the latest 5G mobile has to offer, but is also one of the most reliable phones in general. It is ideal for an early adopter who does not mind parting with their dollars for the privilege.

The certified 6.7 inches Infinity-O display is great for gaming and videos, and the on-screen ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is equally effective.  The phone comes in different futuristic colours, and the front and back sides are made of highly polished and durable Gorilla Glass 6. With a range of connectivity options, Face Unlock feature, 256GB storage, and other attractive features, this is one of the Android 9 devices that you should go for.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G

Samsung has followed up its Galaxy S10 5G with a second 5G compatible device, the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G. If you thought the S10+ was a little rich for your taste, the Note 10+ takes it to another level.

Samsung’s newest phablet (phone / tablet hybrid) is a powerhouse of a phone. With all the features of the Galaxy S10, plus a bigger screen at 6.8 inch display, and a much-needed stylus to make the best use of the extra screen real estate. The Galaxy Note 10+ is Samsung’s biggest and most powerful phone to date, packing an octa-core processor, 12GB of RAM and a 4,300mAh battery into a phone that is only 7.9mm thick.

For those looking for a 5G phone with a tonne of power, this is definitely one to grab.


LG V50 ThinQ

Also among the first 5G mobile devices in Australia, this device can be purchased exclusively via Telstra at $1728. If you find one screen to be limiting, how about two of them?

What sets the smartphone apart is its Dual Screen accessory that adds another 6.4-inch screen for multitasking.

The device also comes with a 6.4-inch OLED display, 4000mAh battery, internal storage of 128GB, and 6GB of RAM.


OPPO Reno 5G

Looking at this device, the first thing that would click on your mind would not be the 5G connectivity, ten times zoom, or the pop-up camera; it is how weighty the phone feels. This is not about the heftiness of the OLED display of 6.6-inches or its 215g weight, but just how the latest instalments match the manufacturers' transformation from being a value-driven upstart to a key player in the Australian market.

The device is more groundbreaking compared to many of its flagship competitors. It is relatively costly but is a worthy investment considering its numerous features. This phone also has a concealed fingerprint unlock with a lightning speed increased by 28.5 percent. Furthermore, the device has an amazing battery life and flexible cameras.


Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G

Similar to most phones in this list, the new release shares incredible similarities with its already-released counterpart Mi Mix 3. Particularly, both of them share a similar slider design. However, the 5G enabled variety uses a different modem and processor. It also preferred due to its larger battery capacity, which is a plus! What gives the device an edge is the fact that it is the country's cheapest 5G smartphone going for $1,399.

Among prominent features of this device include the magnetic slider and a 3800mAh battery. It has two front cameras of 2MP and 24 MP respectively, as well as pair of 12MP rear cameras. If interested in this incredible product from the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, then you will have to grab a Telstra SIM-only plan.

Latest 5G Phones Available in Australia

All the devices listed above are currently available for purchase in Australia. But besides them, here are more smartphones with a 5G potential scheduled to be availed in stores between 2019 and 2020:

  • Samsung Galaxy Fold

  • OnePlus 7 Pro 5G

  • Huawei Mate 20 X 5G

  • Moto Z3

  • Alcatel 5G smartphones

Any Plans for a 5G iPhone?

Apple has not announced any plans for launching a 5G enabled iPhone yet. However, there is absolutely no doubt the manufacturer will upgrade to the next-gen connectivity eventually. At the moment, industry insiders speculate that 2020 is the year-most probably during the year's second half since the manufacturer is accustomed to releasing new brands every September.

According to analyst Kuo, the phone will come in two models: 5.4-inch and 6.7-inch varieties. Both will have 5G, but they will also offer a cheaper 6.1-inch model will use LTE. 


Know Whether Your Phone is 5G Compatible

Unless your phone is included on the list above, the phone you own at the moment is not compatible with the 5G phone network. With 5G compatibility only just beginning to be included in smartphones, manufacturers are certainly charging for the privilege. As the technology becomes more widespread, we should see competition in the market and efficiencies in production lower the cost of 5G compatible phones.

State of 5G Coverage in Australia

Currently, Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone have begun work on their Australian 5G networks.

Telstra and Optus have the upper hand when it comes to 5G plans. Both companies have already begun offering the fast connectivity. Right now, in fact, you cannot sign up for a new plan without enjoying some form of this next-gen internet connectivity.

Both Telstra and Optus are currently offering a range of plans from as little as 4GB of data to 200GB of data. Both providers are still building their 5G infrastructure and as of now, coverage is very limited.Since it is in the trial period, Telstra's 5G coverage continues to grow. At the moment, only ten regions and cities have this future-ready network coverage in place. This includes:

  • Sydney

  • Melbourne

  • Brisbane

  • Canberra

  • Adelaide

  • Perth

  • Launceston

  • Hobart

  • Toowoomba

  • Gold Coast

Notably, the cities have some degree of coverage, but this does not account for the whole region. Telstra's dedicated page offers an updated map of the areas with 5G coverage.

Optus is rollout of its 5G network is available in more cities than Telstra, but more sparsely available in those locations. This should increase quickly, as Optus aim to have 1,00 5G sites ready by March 2020. Current availability includes:

  • Sydney

  • Newcastle and the Central Coast

  • Hawkesbury River

  • Melbourne

  • Geelong

  • Mornington Peninsula

  • Canberra

  • Brisbane

  • Adelaide

  • Perth

  • Fremantle

  • And more

In addition to Optus’ 5G mobile network, Optus has also begun rolling out a 5G home broadband network, with an unlimited data plan on a 50Mbps connection available in limited areas. You can check if you’re located in the right location here.

As for Vodafone, they’ve been a little more hush hush when it comes to their 5G rollout, with an expected availability in 2020. We’re sure to hear more from Vodafone as they play catch-up with Telstra and Optus in the coming months.

It sounds crazy that for less than 30 years, we have evolved from the humble SMSs to streaming anything you would like to watch. With mobile data speed kicking up a notch with Telstra’s and Optus’ 5G networks, more 5G-capable devices will continue to enter the Australian market.

Still, if you intend to acquire any of these revolutionary devices specifically for the fast speeds, you must ascertain whether your current location has 5G connectivity. But it might still be the best move to wait for this network to be made available broadly.

So unless you require a new device right away, you are better off waiting for some time – at least until the network becomes more widely adopted and the devices fall in price. At the moment, you can do as many things with your 4G device as those of the latest connectivity, and save some money on the new device.

Running your business seamlessly relies heavily on ensuring your communication tools and connectivity are quick and reliable. If you’d like to know more about getting your staff connected and working like a fully implemented 5G network - let’s connect!

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