Usha’s Story

Usha has been with Forum since May 2016, working in our lead generation team as a Business Sales Associate. With a background in electrical engineering, Hospital Management, and Power Electronics; Forum was Usha’s first role in the Sales and Marketing space. During Usha’s time at Forum, she’s become one of our highest achieving lead generators.

What attracted you to your current role?

When I moved from India to Australia, I found out that there weren’t many opportunities in electrical engineering sector in Sydney. I loved speaking with people every day and so I thought I’d try out a role in sales and marketing. While the idea of lead generation may not sound like fun for some, I enjoy the idea of speaking to new businesses every day which is quiet challenging. I like the challenging environment as I am the most competitive human by nature.

How have you progressed in your role during your time at Forum?

When I first started at Forum, it was very difficult for me to hit my monthly targets. I initially focused on smaller businesses as potential clients but progressed to working with mid-market and enterprise businesses; offering more complex solutions to their business. I’m now achieving my high targets consistently which is such a great feeling that I can’t explain in words.

What has been your favourite memory during your time with Forum?

The very first time when I hit my top tier of monthly lead generation target. I felt like Alexander the Great for a moment, I had succeeded in conquering the world… and then slowly re-accustomed to the real world!

How has your work changed during your time at Forum?

When I first started at Forum, we were using ORO as our CRM system. It was neither efficient nor transparent but just the basic software which allows us to enter the lead details for the salesmen. We’re now using Salesforce, which is a massive improvement. It is user-friendly, more transparent and has great functionality.  It is great to see our systems improving all the time to replace the outdated systems, and better enable us to do our work.

Our service offering has also evolved, and I’ve gone from selling print, fleet and IT solutions, to working with workflow automation for accounts payable, cloud technology, document management systems and cloud based telephony.

Do you enjoy working at Forum?

It is great to work with Forum as it has a great culture. Anyone can easily get accustomed, with Forum’s culture reminding me of the saying ‘Unity in Diversity’. My team and our leaders are highly supportive and it’s a great working environments. Also, we regularly have training and development opportunities, enabling us to get Better and Stronger in the product knowledge. I can only say one thing that I have adopted FORUM GROUP as my company!
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