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With over 10 years of experience and a team of 30, ‘Who Cares? We Care!’ have been delivering tailored home care services to enhance the needs of each person’s well-being, independence and social inclusion.


Prior to engaging with Forum, WCWC were facing a number of issues with their internal IT systems. With the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in 2016, WCWC faced a changing funding model that prompted the need to enhance internal efficiency as the business transitioned to a more competitive operation.

WCWC’s IT systems were causing significant impact on daily operations. The business relied on an outdated phone system and a slow Internet connection. Frequent phone line dropouts, internet downtime and poor audio quality were not uncommon problems experienced by office staff. The internet service provider and two separate IT providers offered limited to no support, often finger-pointing the blame at one another, with no push from suppliers to innovate and improve upon current systems. 

Another concern WCWC needed to address was its lack of secure communication between carers and clients. Carers were utilising their personal email accounts and mobiles to communicate, which gave little visibility and control over client data. This provided carers the ability to poach clients as they moved on from the business - a risk that left WCWC in a vulnerable position. 


Partnering with Forum, WCWC upgraded to an integrated telephony and unified communication platform. Risk of client loss was eliminated through the implementation of a hosted email exchange for all office staff and 30 remote-based carers. Head office staff were provided new phone handsets and our cloud computing solution, LiveOffice to better enable them in their day-to-day work, all backed by a secure 50mb/s data connection.

Upgrading to the cloud meant staff could focus on their work without worrying about onsite server failures or technical issues - all of which are now taken care of by Forum’s dedicated 24/7 support. 


Since implementation, WCWC now has full visibility of its communication to clients with a significant reduction in client loss. Data connection is more secure with downtime dropping to a minimum.

Staff are now better enabled and equipped to provide service to their clients, while competing in a more market-driven environment. 

“Before Forum, system shutdowns used to occur weekly and at least for a full day. Our internet and system reliability was non-existent, speed slow at best and our telephone systems were antiquated.

Forum took us through all of our available options and made the transition from our old system to the new simple and easy. The decision to implement has now improved not only the organisations systems reliability, but the anxiety levels of the administration team have lowered. We have the utmost trust with Forum to manage our systems and security, which is our priority for the vulnerable clients we support.”

Tracy Forbes, General Manager

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